Our business is to guide your business

What is your plan for the future?

Is it time for you to move on from your business? Are you preparing to retire from the family business? Or is it time to sell and move on to a new project? If this is your position, we can work with you to create a seamless succession plan to ensure all the correct documentation is in place for the next chapter. Bowlt Commercial Lawyers can protect you and your business from a range of negative situations that would be detrimental to you and your business. We will produce the correct documentation to prevent some of the following situations from taking place:

  • An equity owner’s interest being transferred to the incorrect person or entity 
  • Significant productivity disruption
  • Expensive court actions

The documents that you will require are:

  • A Shareholder or Unitholder agreement
  • A Buy/ sell option agreement - which handles the funding of the purchase of a business interest, if a principal is deceased or disabled

We become a part of your team and will work with your professional service team members to create a streamlined and stress free approach to your business succession issues.

Our commitment to work with you and your team results in the best outcome for you and your business.