Protecting your commercial rights

Trademarks and Intellectual Property (IP) - what you need to know

You work hard to grow your business and have created ideas, products and services that need to be protected. You may not be aware of how you need to protect your business from your competitors.

Here is our recommended list of items to talk to us about:

  • Trade marks (differentiates your goods and services from those of another business)
  • Copyright (this may include software programs and other artistic forms of ideas and works)
  • Confidential information (any internal documentation or information that could be misused by your competitors, current or previous employees)

We will work with you to understand your business needs, so we can create the correct documentation to protect your business for the future.

Our firm can assist with:

  • Trade mark research, processing the application and handling any opposition 
  • Professional advice on copyright 
  • Getting to know your business and highlighting any intellectual property opportunities and licensing them
  • Putting steps into place to protect your confidential information

We can offer expert advice and explain the differences between a business name, company name and a trade mark. We will take the time to talk through how important it is to trade mark and protect the name of a business, a brand or your unique product/s