Your corporate law advisors

Supporting your business through all aspects of corporate law

Whether your company structure has a board of directors (who manage the company) or has a sole director, we can help you navigate and set up correct internal practices so that you adhere to the Corporations Act (2001). The current Act is a minefield of complex legislation that can easily be misinterpreted. 

We will take the time to understand how your business is structured and advise the best actions and company administration for your company managers and board of directors for long term planning. There are specific duties that are not negotiable for the directors and if the duties are not adhered to, there could be significant personal fines, or even criminal penalties.

At Bowlt Commercial Lawyers we will work with you, your accountant and any other professional advisor to create a business structure that suits your business, considering issues such as:

  • Set up costs 
  • Asset protection - what you need to protect and how to do it
  • Tax minimisation
  • Distribution of profits