Corporate Law and Directors Duties – The Corporations Act 2001

The Corporations Act 2001 and its related legislation is a minefield for company managers and shareholders and it is essential that proper advice be obtained regarding company administration. 

The directors, as managers of a company, have stringent duties in terms of the Act and can be held personally liable for company losses, or incur significant fines if they breach those duties. Sole directors need to be clear on their duties to the company and that company assets are not their own. We can advise regarding these essential requirements.

We can also advise you about appropriate business structures, taking into account issues such as:

  • Setup and maintenance costs
  • Asset protection
  • Tax minimisation and
  • Distribution of profits

We will work with your accountant in considering the most appropriate business structure for you. 

Contact Bowlt Commercial Lawyers today and arrange an appointment to ensure your company is administered correctly.