Franchises and legal advice

Franchising is a multibillion dollar industry in Australia and we have some of the most sophisticated franchise laws in the world. 

However, there are many traps for the uninitiated and it is crucial that potential franchisees obtain proper advice regarding any franchising arrangement. It’s dangerous to just accept an agreement, because “I’ve been told its standard and the franchisor has said that it won’t agree to any changes”- you need to know exactly what your rights and obligations are.

We can advise potential franchisees about some of the most significant franchise issues, including:

  • The Disclosure Document and particular aspects of it which must be confirmed
  • Franchise fees and other costs
  • Proper description of the franchise territory
  • Any particularly tough or unusual terms of the agreement
  • Your rights to use the franchisor’s intellectual property
  • Related tenancy issues

We are also able to advise franchisors regarding how they can go about franchising a business and draw up franchise agreements and disclosure documents, working in conjunction with a specialised franchise consultant. 

Don’t get caught out with an unfair contract or agreement, let us save you time and potentially a lot of money. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.