Protect your franchised assets

We can decipher your franchise contract

Purchasing a franchise

If you have found the right business to purchase and it just happens to be a franchised business, you aren’t alone. Franchising is a multibillion dollar business in Australia.

Before you commit yourself to the purchase, we will read through the franchise agreement and highlight any significant points that you should understand. In Australia we have some of the most complicated and sophisticated franchise laws in the world. You need to understand your rights and obligations as a potential franchise business owner. We will explain the franchise agreement, so you can be well informed about items you will need to be wary of, for example:

  • The Disclosure Document and aspects of it which must be confirmed
  • Franchise fees and other costs
  • Proper description of the franchise territory
  • Any particularly tough or unusual terms of the agreement
  • Your rights to use the franchisor’s Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Related tenancy obligations

Building a franchised business

Do you have a business that is scalable into a franchise, but aren’t sure of your next step? We can guide and educate you as to the documents, contracts and policies you will need to put in place. We will work your franchise consultant to create:

  • A franchise agreement
  • A disclosure statement 
  • Any other legal contracts and documents that are required